Rising Price Levels Sees Litecoin (LTC) Close a Perfect Week

The tables are finally turning, and cryptocurrencies are surging towards the green. At 07:05 UTC, 68.1% of the 1774 trading cryptocurrencies are gainers. Litecoin traded at low support levels of below $130, however, the candlesticks are reversing following yesterday’s losses.

Opening today, Litecoin is in the green and the value of the digital coin is up by 2.15% and is now trading at $135.2 USD. Litecoin holds an estimated market cap of $7.65 billion USD and retains its position as the 6th largest cryptocurrency.

Litecoin may have not had the perfect week in the price department, however, support levels are rising today, and there’s a ton of good news flying around which could set the digital asset up for a price pump in the coming days.

Litecoin (LTC) to Get Another Important Listing

With Litecoin trading in the green today, it completes what can be described as a perfect week for Litecoin. The digital asset would be getting another very important listing from the well-known Gemini exchange.

Gemini which is the first virtual exchange which has all the existing regulations and banking standards earlier this week listed Zcash (ZEC) on its exchange platform. In addition to that, Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) were also announced to get listed on the platform soon.

Although there is no information on when Litecoin would be going live on the prestigious exchange platform, it remains something of significance for the Litecoin community. In addition to the Gemini Listing, Sportsbook.com yesterday announced that Litecoin (LTC) can now be used to make deposits on the platform.

TapJets to Integrate Litecoin (LTC)

Every partnership opens up a digital asset to the possibility of expanding its reach, Litecoin Foundation with its eccentric CEO, Charlie Lee have helped the company amass quite a number of interesting partnerships in the past, and still work to get more for the development of the digital asset.

TapJets, a virtual assistant for hiring private planes quickly has chosen Litecoin (LTC) as its preferred payment option after a meeting with Ripple, Litecoin and Verge. CEO, Charlie Lee has announced that both organizations will work together to integrate Litecoin (LTC) support for TapJets by June 1.

Abra Opens Deposit, Litecoin (LTC) to Hit Toshi Soon

This week has been full of great news for Litecoin. However, some packed more excitements than others. Litecoin community was filled with ecstasy as Abra which lets user buy, store and invest in 25 different cryptocurrencies in one wallet announced its support for Litecoin.

But now it gets bigger, as Abra Global has opened deposits for Litecoin (LTC) on the platform. While Litecoin enthusiasts are still to recover from the Abra Listing, Charlie Lee yesterday announced that Toshi, Coinbase’s digital wallet system, would be adding Litecoin soon.

There is no exact date when Litecoin (LTC) would get the Toshi Listing. Litecoin has proven to be one of the greatest assets in the crypto market regardless of price falters in the past. The price rise today just seems to complete what has been a perfect week for Litecoin.

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