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Tapjets Inc, an American online private jet charter and air carrier company yesterday announced that its company, which services people by making air flight available will be listing either of Ripple (XRP), Verge (XVG) or Litecoin (LTC) on its platform for payments.

The privately owned aviation company headquartered in Fargo, on Twitter aired the news to the public that its users who are lovers of Cryptocurrency have requested for the inclusion of digital coins as a payment method, therefore, it will be running a poll to decide which Cryptocurrency will be included.

“Our cryptocurrency friends asked for their project to be included in our payment methods. Our CEO EugeneKesselman promised a quick poll from the product team so here it is XVG vs XRP vs LTC what should be our next move FLYTAPJETS.”

Confirming the update, the CEO of the aviation carrier company, Eugene Kesselman, in his own words said the move will be a great one for both sides. He added that the poll has been on a tight side as the three Cryptocurrencies are doing well in the race.

“This is a close race XRP, XVG and LTC. I did not expect it so close. Let’s see what cryptocurrency communities can do and let’s make some cryptocurrencynews”.

After hours of voting, TapJets which has a mobile app for online booking announced that LTC is taking the lead in the vote.

“With almost 18K votes XVG is not doing badly at all. LTC is emerging as a lead. Would be interesting to see how the poll will end. @EugeneKesselman great idea and thanks for everyone for voting. You get to change how people,” Tapjet twitted.

While the news is not the first of its kind, the introduction of blockchain technology had earlier existed in aviation sector. Earlier this year, Aeron, an aviation Cyprus-based startup, introduced the implementation of blockchain technology into aviation sector by using blockchain to reduce the number of air accident that occurs due to poor record keeping. According to the release issued by the company, blockchain will be used to keep logbook records in digital format.

Added to that, the company launched its own token dubbed Aeron (ARN) so that customers can make payment with it.

At present, ARN has been listed on exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, Tidex, Bit-Z, Coinrail, KuCoin,, and Kuna.

As at the press time, Litecoin (LTC) is taking lead with 37% votes, Ripple (XRP), second, with 35% votes while Verge (VXG) had 28% votes.

The result of the votes which place Litecoin (LTC) ahead of the two other coins must have been because, LTC is a very much viable coin for everyday use, and the fact that it is widely available and accepted by US-based buyers through Gemini and Coinbase exchange.

Ripple (XRP), placed second in the vote may be because of its power in remittance transactions and its tentacles across the world.

Even though Verge (XVG) remains the least voted for in the poll, one cannot easily opine that the altcoin is out of the race because it has got excellent publicity, and this can propel its chance in the race as more people may turn out to vote for the altcoin.

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