Pay for Your Private Jet With Litecoin (LTC): TapJets, Adds LTC Payment Option

Litecoin (LTC) has achieved yet another milestone in its quest to become a global payment cryptocurrency. The world’s largest private jet booking platform, TapJet’s has announced to its customers that LTC is now available as an additional form of payment. Litecoin has been approved by the company as a secure fast and reliable mode of payment. This move will boost the other payment processing methods such as credit cards, debit cards as well as bank transfers. The booking platform has done it in a way that allows customers to book instantly; continue to their flights leaving the blockchain process to finish in the background. The payment can be done right from the customers’ smartphones. The announcement from TapJet reads:

“We are excited to add Litecoin to the Bitcoin and Ethereum payment options we already accept,” said Eugene Kesselman, CEO of TapJets. (@EugeneKesselman) “The Litecoin community is strong, and we are happy to work with the Litecoin Foundation to welcome them to our platform. Making it easier to use cryptocurrency in more places is what separates the leaders from followers. This is precisely what the #PayWithLitecoin movement is all about.”

As usual, Litecoin LTC founder Charlie Lee went ahead to express his excitement for the new addition noting that Litecoin offers speed, liquidity along with the ease of integration. Charlie Lee said:

“It’s great to see that TapJets is now allowing their customers to pay with Litecoin,” said Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin. (@SatoshiLite) “Its speed, liquidity, and ease of integration make it the perfect cryptocurrency for payments. It’s also exciting to see how our community helped make this partnership happen.”

Who is TapJets?

TapJets is an instant online platform that allows anyone to book a private jet service from anywhere in the world. It has been known for its speed, moreover, customers are able to book their flights in less than a minute. TapJets have more than 16,000 active clients who either book flights on the platform or bid on Flight Auctions. The company’s TITAN platform has been designed specifically for Travel Agents who have the capability to book private jets. Furthermore, the platform has made it easy for the flight operators to have access to pilots in a more direct manner.

In other news related to Litecoin LTC, the founder Charlie Lee has come out to assure investors, miners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts that the network offers extreme security and healthy mining. This comes after a website, crypto.51app published a report that explored the cost of a 1 hour 51% attack on different blockchains. used data from various websites including Mine the Coin and CoinMarketCap. Charlie Lee in his tweet said:

“In lite of recent 51% attacks and  info, rest assured that the Litecoin is extremely secure and mining is very healthy. Pools are well distributed (largest 22%), Hashrate up 50x (past 1 year) and High capital costs to attack ($322-761MM + ~$38-50k/hr)”

In addition to that, Charlie Lee used charts and graphs to prove that Litecoin is secure for mining and that it has always offered healthy mining prospects. A Litecoin enthusiast, Code Vibs wrote in reply to Charlie Lee’s tweet saying:

“With all the good news for LTC lately, there’s nothing to worry about. Nasdaq supports it, so that’s a big deal. Don’t look at price day to day. Just enjoy taking part in a revolutionary technology and the price will follow.”


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