Now you can make edits to keywords, ads, campaigns, bids right from the Google Ads Overview page

If you haven’t spent much time on the Overview page in your Google Ads campaigns, it might be time to take another look. Google has been steadily making updates to the page of data visualization cards aimed at surfacing campaign insights. The entire premise of the page is to make it easier to identify areas for improvement. Now paid search managers can make updates right from the page itself.

In several of the cards on the Overview page, Google has added editing capabilities. On Wednesday, Google tweeted the gif shown below illustrating how users can make edits to individual keywords from the Search keywords card.

Changing keyword match types and bids are among several options to make edits to Google Ads campaigns right from the Overview tab.

Other edits that can be made from the Overview page:

  • Pause or unpause campaigns, ad groups and keywords
  • Edit campaign budgets
  • Edit keyword and ad group bids
  • Edit ad copy
  • Exclude irrelevant search terms by adding negative keywords right within the “searches” card

Create and save new ads from existing ones

Not only can you edit ad copy, you can also copy and edit an ad from the “most-shown search ads” card if you want to quickly add different take on an ad to an ad group.

Spot & address keyword warnings

Another feature worth pointing out is that in the “search keywords” card, Google flags keywords that have low quality score or other issues with a yellow triangle in the upper right corner.

Hovering on a flagged keyword brings up the details box with information about the warning and the ability to click to make edits.

A low quality score warning on the Overview page.

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