Litecoin [LTC] Creator Charlie Lee’s Twitter account hacked? Followers panic!

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, the Vegeta to Bitcoin’s Goku duped the whole cryptoverse with one tweet. The tweet left a lot of Twitteratis’ wondering whether his Twitter account was hacked. The reason behind the whole stunt was to teach the crypto-community a valuable lesson on how easy it to be deceived.

Earlier today, Charlie Lee posted a statement on Twitter which says:

“For a limited time only, I am giving away 100 LTC. To get 1 LTC, first send me 0.01 LTC. Hurry up before I run out of coins! [attaches a link]”

When clicked on the link, it redirects to a page which says:

“No, I am not giving away coins for free. In the future, don’t get fooled by tweets from me [or anything else] saying I will send you coins only if you send me some first. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.”

The whole intention behind this stunt was to spread awareness of the growing scams on the social media platform. In the past few months, scammers have been thriving on Twitter by hijacking or creating fake profiles which are verified resembling all the cryptocurrency influencers’ including the founders and CEOs.

The key strategy used by the scammers was to take over the commenting section of all the crypto-influencers and announce that they are giving away cryptocurrency for free in order to celebrate a special occasion. The scammers promise users that they would send the said amount once the users send some money to their wallet. By doing so, a lot of people on Twitter lost they coins and ended up getting nothing in return.

The scam took a huge leap when these hijackers got a fake account verified and changed the profile name to ‘Tron Foundation’. A large majority of the crypto-community fell for this as they believed that Tron was actually giving away cryptocurrencies.

After which, a lot of influencers including Charlie Lee and Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum have taken a step forward to avoid such incidents from taking place again. They notified Twitter and the CEO of Twitter, Jack regarding the huge scam taking place on their platform and have also asked investors to be careful. In addition, Vitalik and CZ, the CEO of Binance changed their profile names by adding ‘Not giving away ETH’ and ‘Not giving crypto away’ respectively.

But irrespective of taking such measures, scammers are still thriving on the social media platform and because of the same reason, Charlie Lee used a smart strategy to educate the cryptoverse. The strategy also left a lot of people in the cryptoverse believing that his account has been hacked and Charlie Lee had even asked some of them to open the link after which they released that they were being made a fool of by him.

Adam Davis, an investor, and a crypto-enthusiast says:

“Glad to see how many people tried warning or protecting others from getting in a scam. Well played, Charlie.”

AusJak, a Litecoin enthusiast says:

“Dont think it would be a realistic stat. Would never click on eth scams but had to see what Charlie was up too”

Jay Hodler, a Twitterati says:

“I clicked to get the come… I mean, to check the message unfortunately many fall for this scam, otherwise they would have stopped by now”

Mark Drever, a Designer says:

“Haha well played @SatoshiLite I thought you were hacked”

Adrian. another Twitterati says:

“For a second there I thought you got hacked.”

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