Litecoin [LTC] Creator Charlie Lee says ‘A ton of good news but price does its own thing’

Unocoin, the leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform in India has listed multiple coins on their portal. The platform which was funded by top ventures such as Future Perfect Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Mumbai Angels, Huiyin Blockchain Venture and more. They chose their Twitter platform to announce that they have enlisted five coins on their exchange platform.

Earlier today, Unocoin listed Golem [GNT], Zilliqa [ZIL], Funfair [FUN], Bread [BRD] and Basic Attention Token [BAT]. But, soon after the listing of coins, users started to face technical issues with Zilliqa [ZIL] coin. The users haven’t received/ been credited their ZIL on their wallet and the issue hasn’t been solved for hours. According to some users, deposits and withdrawals have been restricted.

In addition to this, the exchange platform has also announced that many more coins will be supported on the platform soon.

Yasir, a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“It’s technical issue from Unocoin, don’t worry your money is safe, I’m also facing the same problem. They said after midnight or by tomorrow it’ll reflect in the Unocoin wallet.”

Akshay Gokhale, a Twitterati says:

“Thanks a lot Unocoin!!! I am pretty sure that till end of summer I can see dozens of coins on our app! I personally love Unocoin! I am hoping u ll be the Binance of India! Plz add such coins more!!”

Manikandan, another Twitterati says:

“Very good congratulations..add more coin & clients because very low volume in unocoin. My full support give unocoin… because my first wallet unocoin..”

CryptoInvestor87 says:

“Launching new coins but no improvements to existing problems with your exchange! Nothing but problems! Deposits, withdrawals restricted no deposit/withdrawal address for any of the new coins. Apps constantly crashing, updates taking four days. How is anyone supposed to trade?”

According to CoinMarketCap, at press time, Golem [GNT] was trading at $0.516 with a market cap of $430 million, Zilliqa [ZIL] was trading at $0.134 with a market cap of $980 million, Funfair [FUN] was trading at $0.048 with a market cap of $236 million, Bread [BRD] was trading at $0.638 with a market cap of $56 million and Basic Attention Token [BAT] was trading at $0.350 with a market cap of $350 million.

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