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In the aftermath of the launch of TRON’s newly re-designed website, more and more members from the community have been willing to join the team in creating success in the cryptocurrency eco-space in terms of stronger bonds and reliability. TRON’s market cap price is $4.5 billion and is trading at $0.068, at the time of writing.

According to TRON’s founder Justin Sun’s recent tweet, TRON will launch a virtual machine on May 25th. The TRON mainnet is scheduled to launch on the 31st of May following the current changes in the data development procedure of the company.

The TRON website reads out loud the countdown for the mainnet launch as 11 days, 16 hours and 34 minutes at the time of writing.

The token migration is scheduled for June 21st along with the first 27 ‘Super Representative Elections’ that is going to be held on June 26th. Today RightBTC, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and ETP along with Bixin, another Chinese company that allows Bitcoin exchanges, has announced to support the TRON blockchain in its upgrades and token migration.

Investors are required to deposit TRX’s ERC-20 tokens to RightBTC for which they will receive equivalent TRX tokens. The same applies to all the supporters of the crypto-space.

Bixin Pool has a unique mining model with the promise of being open and transparent. Digital currency trades are easier with this network Market Stats, Escrow Trading, and OTC Trading which allows instant transfers.

The TRON foundation has decided to give out TRON related merchandise including handbags, t-shirts, hat, TRX commemorative coin, Notebook, Caps, U disk products with the company logo on it. It’s trending on Twitter with hashtag TRONICS.

The Founder of TRON, tweeted earlier today saying:

Justin Sun’s tweet

Hudson Blake comments on Twitter:

“45 cents by this time next year.”

Amitoj Singh says:

“That must be a great news”

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