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Litecoin (LTC) was out as Bitcoin’s little brother, created as a fork in order to address some major issues regarding the original crypto, which is basically the traditional idea behind every fork.

However, Litecoin did come with a massive dose of satisfaction to crypto users as it brought faster transactions, representing a value and a currency at the same time, often being chosen for its liquidity for the same experience that users can have with Bitcoin only at lower fees and faster processing time.

However, although having been traded among the top five currencies for a long time by far Litecoin did suffer a huge drop in the market, also slipping lower down the official ranking list while letting EOS and Stellar XLM to take over spots number 5 and 6 on the official ranking list.

Although Stellar has touched its all-time low during the period of the last couple of months, compared to its peers in the current state of the market, although still ranked as the 7th best currency, Litecoin (LTC) still stands a chance against the bearish market.

Litecoin LTC and Charlie Lee

If you take a closer look at Charlie Lee’s involvement in the development and further adoption of LTC, there is no doubt that his strategies for Litecoin mass adoption all have a progressive core.

That is how although Litecoin is plummeting seriously for the last couple of months, Lee kept his options for LTC open, announcing some major moves regarding Litecoin and LTC, which includes the partnership with TokenPay as well.

TokenPay brought Litecoin and Charlie Lee, as a founder and CEO of Litecoin, to the doors of a German bank in Munich which bought shares should condition the issuance of Litecoin-charged crypto debit cards, that way bringing LTC to the next stage of adoption.

Alongside with Litecoin, TokenPay also promised a debit card for Verge XVG, their old partner, announcing that there will be more tokens and coins in the pipeline regarding the issuance of the mentioned crypto debit cards.

Charlie Lee also made sure there are several projects indicating the beginning of LTC mass adoption, hoping that LTC will be held in wallets with alternatively being used as a fully eligible payment method instead of having users trading Litecoin for fiat.

This is how there is an active campaign launched more than several months ago, PayWithLitecoin, inviting all retailers, online and physical stores, small and medium businesses and vendors to apply in order to be able to receive payments for their goods and services in LTC.

The program is still active and multiple stores, business, and retailers are already receiving and using Litecoin, however, there is another project that might indicate that Litecoin is getting ready to regain at least some of its previous physical value in the near future. and Litecoin Set to Bring LTC Payments to SMS and Telegram

It seems that Litecoin foundation is onto something once again, as Charlie Lee announced almost two weeks ago via his official Twitter page. He presented the new project by stating that the bearish market “is the best time for people to work on mass adoption” while thanking the team behind the Zulu Republic for their massive contribution to the project.

With Litecoin payments should become available through SMS while the payments can be already tested on Telegram.

The project has a purpose of allowing people to make payments by utilizing Litecoin (LTC) easily while stressing out that represents a project that could enable LTC transactions through SMS even in countries where cryptocurrency trading represents an illegal activity due to the active crypto bans. should also enable sending LTC to people who don’t even own a digital wallet, simplifying the experience revolving around crypto-powered transactions.

The problem was designed by Zulu Republic and should allow Litecoin payments through SMS to everyone with a mobile phone, which might bring Litecoin closer to getting back to a higher value in oppose to its current trading price.

BlockFuse to Make App Development Easier with Litecoin

To improve the process of creating applications with Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC), BlockFuse announced on August 20th that with an integrated development environment, called CoinMesh.

The team stated that building apps with Bitcoin and Litecoin is “notoriously difficult” at the moment, which might be the reason why developers are going for other platforms for creating their applications.

With CoinMesh integration by BlockFuse, this case should change for better, potentially providing Litecoin (LTC) with a much-needed boost in the market.


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