Google updates user management and rights in Google Search Console

Google announced some important changes to how user management and rights work within the Google Search Console. Here are the important changes happening now and in the near future:

(1) All users, no matter if they only have the lowest level of permissions or the highest, will be able to see critical site messages.

(2) Google added better history tracking to show which individual performed which significant property-affecting modifications. These modifications include changes such as changing a setting, validating an issue or submitting a new sitemap.

(3) The new Search Console enables you to share a read-only view of many reports, including Index coverage, AMP, and Mobile Usability.

(4) A new user management interface that enables all users to see and, manage (if they have rights to do so) user roles for all property users.

(5) A simpler permission model where Google will limit the “restricted” user role to read-only status.

(6) Read-only users will no longer be able to perform any state-changing actions, including starting a fix validation or sharing an issue.

Google has not yet rolled out all the permission changes, specifically the updated user management that enables “the ability of restricted and full users to easily see a list of other collaborators on the site,” Google said.

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