Google My Business API v4.2 has been released

Google announced the release of version 4.2 of the Google My Business API, a way for developers to quickly make modifications to Google My Business listings programmatically. The API can be accessed here but is not open to all, you need to request and be granted access to this API in order to use it.

The new features include:

Third party platforms integrated with Google My Business can now offer their merchants the ability to verify their Google My Business listing directly on their native platform. This includes pulling the list of verification options available for a listing, triggering Google My Business verification such as sending a postcard, getting a phone call, and submitting a PIN code for verification. Third party platforms will now be able to fully onboard and verify merchants directly on their platform instead of interrupting their workflow and forcing merchants to Google My Business.

API users are now able to better identify if a listing already exists on Google My Business and whether that listing is already claimed due to the new GoogleLocations endpoint. When the listing is already claimed, partners can provide the merchant with a link to request access to the claimed location.

Version 4.2 of the Google My Business API includes expanded search functionality of the existing Locations.List filters, allowing API users to better search for listings in their account based on full or partial match of more location fields.

Chain membership
This version of the Google My Business API provides a new endpoint to search for chains by full or partial name, and to associate a particular location with that chain.

Product posts
Google My Business API users can now create a new type of post: product posts! These new posts highlight a business’s product offerings, which also display in the “Products” tab on the business listing.

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