Future File: Nobody Plans For Death. But Maybe People Should.

Life is unpredictable. Although sometimes it might feel like tragedy is something that happens to other people, not something cannot touch our lives, nobody is immune to the cruel and often unpredictable hand of death.

According to the CDC, 2,712,630 people (0.84%) died in the United States in 2016 alone. While the top 3 leading causes of death, heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory diseases, are predictable, the 4th and 5th leading causes of death have few warning signs; in 2015, 146,571 people died from accidents and unintentional injuries, and 140,323 people died from strokes.

Nobody plans for death. But maybe people should.

FutureFile is an easy-to-use legacy and wishes planning system that makes the process of planning for death as painless as possible, so in the event that something happens to you, the process of getting your affairs in order will be just as painless for your surviving family.

Created by noted business and financial expert and national media personality, Carol Roth, the Future File system helps people organize their wishes and information and then creates a roadmap for their loved ones to follow in the cases of aging, incapacitation (dementia, Alzheimer’s, medical issue) and/or death. It goes beyond organizing wills and trusts to cover information on who to contact in case of emergencies, long-term care and end of life wishes, social media account wishes and access, subscription and bills information and so much more.

Carol created the Future File system based on her own experience losing four loved ones, including both of her parents. Her dad created a prototype that helped Carol and her sister with his unexpected passing. Carol created FutureFile because she wanted to use her late father’s efforts to help other families save their loved ones extra grief, money and time when the unexpected yet inevitable happens.

Death can come for anyone at any time, so don’t be caught by surprise. Let FutureFile be your family’s roadmap in the terrible event that death comes for you, and let your family take the time to grieve without stressing about your affairs.

Sign up for FutureFile’s comprehensive yet easy-to-use legacy and wishes planning system at https://www.futurefile.com/.

Find out more about FutureFile creator Carol Roth, who is also a ‘recovering’ investment banker/billion-dollar deal maker, a business advisor, an investor, and a speaker and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation at https://www.carolroth.com/.

Authored by: Natalie Lifson, reporter for SmallBizTechnology.com

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