Facebook’s Testing a New, Simplified Way to Create Instant Articles

Facebook’s testing a new tool which simplifies the process of creating Instant Articles.

As explained by Facebook:

“In order to help publishers convert their articles more easily to Instant Articles, we are beginning to test the Instant Articles Builder. This new tool is an open source desktop app that enables publishers to generate Instant Articles from their existing mobile site without the need to write any code. This will make it easier for publishers without engineering resources or with limited technical expertise to onboard onto Instant Articles.”

As you can see here, the Instant Articles Builder tool (which you can check out at this link) provides a simply formatted UI through which you can see the exact tags and elements which will be linked to your subsequent Instant Article. You can even see a preview of the IA post over on the right-hand side.

Once you’re finished defining your template, then add a meta tag on your site that links to the configuration file in order to have your articles automatically ingested as Instant Articles when they are shared on Facebook.”

So why would you want to build your own Instant Articles?

According to Facebook, people will read 20% more of an Instant Article post, likely because IA posts load up to 10x faster than standard web links. Facebook also says that readers are also 70% less likely to abandon an IA post.

In addition, instant Articles are also Facebook native – which likely means they’ll see some level of reach boost via the News Feed algorithm

It does still take some code knowledge to insert the relevant element/s on your site, but it may be worth investigating, particularly for those who are making content a bigger focus. 

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