Facebook Updates Two-Factor Authentication Options to Improve Account Security

Facebook is adding new measures to improve account security, with additional two-factor authentication options now available to all users.

First off, Facebook’s simplified their two-factor authentication set-up process, making it easier to understand, and input, your verification options.

Facebook Adds New Two-Factor Authentication Options to Improve Account Security | Social Media Today

As shown here, now, when you go to the two-factor authentication section within your Facebook settings, you’ll be able to enter a relevant phone number, and update your info quickly and easily – while you’ll also be able to see your security information all on the one page.

In addition to this, you’ll also note the ‘Authentication App’ option on the second screen – Facebook will now let you enable two-factor authentication without a phone number.

As explained by Facebook:

“We previously required a phone number in order to set up two-factor authentication, to help prevent account lock-outs. Now that we have redesigned the feature to make the process easier to use third-party authentication apps like Google Authenticator and Duo Security on both desktop and mobile, we are no longer making the phone number mandatory.”

The ability to enable two-factor authentication without entering a phone number will make it more accessible to more users – which is particularly relevant in developing regions.

In addition, you can also use a security key or recovery codes to add extra levels of account security.

Facebook Adds New Two-Factor Authentication Options to Improve Account Security | Social Media Today

With social media becoming an increasingly important part of our interactive landscape, it’s important that users take measures to secure their accounts in order to avoid being hacked.

It may not seem like a major risk to you, but it’s worth considering what you might lose if you were locked out. Your photos, your videos – and if you’re also using Facebook for business, this is even more pressing.

Given its now even easier, taking the time to enable two-factor authentication makes sense, while you should also check your log-in details every now and then to ensure you know where you’ve accessed the app (and also shut off any suspicious looking connections).

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