Could Litecoin (LTC) Breakout Anytime Soon?

The bearish trend continues today, with more than 80% of cryptos down in the red today. Litecoin has recorded the most price dip in the last three days, failing to withstand the universal bearish trend, Litecoin hit its lowest trading value in the last six weeks, $119.

Litecoin (LTC) is beginning to pick up pace, rising by 1.95% in the last one hour ensuring it maintains a trade value above $120 USD. However, over the last 24 hours, Litecoin still falls into the red zone, with a price dip of 2.45%. Litecoin (LTC) is trading at $121.50 USD.

Litecoin’s market cap is down by more than $1.5 billion USD this month. Litecoin now has an estimated market cap of $6.88 billion USD, making it the sixth largest crypto currency by the same measure. The bearish market may have dragged Litecoin to a trade low, but Litecoin still has what it takes to break loose anytime soon.

More Companies Open Up to Litecoin (LTC) Payment Option

Litecoin has yet been added to another company’s list of payment option. CheapAir, the online travel agency based in California has announced that it now accepts Litecoin and two other cryptocurrencies for flight and hotel bookings.

With this, CheapAir has become the first online travel agency to accept digital assets as a means of payment. CEO of CheapAir Jeff Klee also stated in the announcement that the integration of digital asset as a payment option is a response to the demands of customers.

Only days before this announcement, Litecoin announced to be working to integrate LTC into another aviation company TapJets. TapJets is a virtual assistant for hiring private planes quickly. The company has Litecoin (LTC) as its preferred payment option after a meeting with Ripple, Litecoin and Verge, and both are working towards the June 1 integration date promised.

CEO of Litecoin, Charlie Lee has announced another major integration for Litecoin (LTC). The partnership between one of the premier providers of payment solutions iPayment and a fast growing credit card processing and merchant services provider Alliant Payments is now open up payments using Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC).

The iPayment and Alliant Payments partnership has opened up a portal for Litecoin (LTC) to be use for payments across over 137,000 businesses. Litecoin’s increasing integration into business further confirms the transaction prowess of Litecoin, and the project at large.

To add to Litecoin’s increasing list of companies which support the digital asset as a payment option, Bõrse Stuttgart, one of the leading stock exchange based on Germany would be launch a crypto trading app soon, called Bison. Bõrse Stuttgart has announced that Litecoin (LTC) is one of the favored assets to begin trade on Bison when it launches.

Like every other digital asset in the market, Litecoin (LTC) has undoubtedly had a turbulent month, that however has not stopped Litecoin from growing and expanding its reach. What remains is time before all the proponents of Litecoin guide it to the moon.

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