CheapAir announces more altcoins acceptance including Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with continued speculations

CheapAir is an online travel agency that offers affordable and inexpensive airline tickets along with other facilities like travel advisors, economical travel tips, and an amazing customer service. The travel booking site made its appearance in the crypto space through the acceptance of the giant in the cryptocurrency list, Bitcoin [BTC] back in November 2013 while it subsequently expanded its BTC payment service to also include hotel and railway bookings.

Highlighted by the crypto media for this advancement, CheapAir saw and has continued to see a positive response and growth ever since they opened up BTC payments. According to their recent statistics, they have passed $1.5 million in total bitcoin sales. Customers have evidently continued to respond supportively and with satisfactory outcomes.

In an exclusive with CoinDesk, the CEO of CheapAir, Jeff Klee stated:

“We’ve had some success with bitcoin, we’ve gotten some new customers there – enthusiastic customers. We’ve gotten a great response since we began accepting [bitcoin], and we had some requests forDogecoinn and Litecoin (LTC). We figured why not?”

The website has now decided to expand its list with more cryptocurrency options as they announced the acceptance of Litecoin [LTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Dogecoin [DOGE], and Dash [Dash] for both flight and railway bookings.

They tweeted earlier this week:

It’s official! We accept #Litecoin #BitcoinCash and #Dash and of course continue to take #Bitcoin! Help us spread the word #cryptocurrency fans!”

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is one currency that is often centered around conflicts, controversies, and scam accusations off late and this is no surprise as a majority of the users continue to express similar opinions on BCH being accepted by CheapAir. BCH is currently the world’s 4th largest cryptocurrency which displayed extreme fluctuations since last month from shooting up as high as possible to dropping below average values. It is currently trading at $1,023.44 as seen at the time or writing.

John Carvalho, CEO at Xotika.TV tweeted:

Also CheapAir, I don’t recommend distracting yourself with accepting altcoins, particularly Bitcoin Cash, which is led by scammers and deceptive liars. Focus on Bitcoin and being adept with securing and implementing its latest tech, like Lightning Network etc. Stay focused.”

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin tweeted as a response to this:

“Bcash, Bcash, Bcash!”

CryptoKid, a Twitterati and BCH enthusiast says:

“Welcome to the #BCH community CheapAir I’ll make a safe assumption that the between now and this time next year BCH will be received more than any of the others listed.”

With the continued speculations about BCH on one side, Litecoin, on the other hand, was well received and much appreciated by the community.

“Mixed feelings.. on the one hand, love the Litecoin adoption.. on the other, validating coins like BCH while they keep their scamy “Bbcash is bitcoin” line and trying everybody to use “bitcoin core” for btc is still a bad thing in my opinion.. don’t support fraud!”

Litecoin[LTC] has been witnessing tie-ups and listings recently with the latest one being TapJets. LTC is priced at $119.51 at present with a market cap of $6.77 billion placing it in the 6th position.

Steffany Matt, an LTC enthusiast tweeted:

“Litecoin is accepted, awesome!! keep marching ahead, way to go! #paywithLitecoin”

A crypto enthusiast, Vincent Hutson tweeted:

“Lol, I tweeted cheap flights meant only heard of them and used them because they accept LTC now !!! I just booked my hotel with my litecoin Cheapflights.”

According to reports from CoinDesk, GoCoin will serve as CheapAir’s altcoin payments processor which enables the company to accept LTC and DOGE along with BTC which will continue to be accepted through Coinbase.

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