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A petition has been launched to get Dogecoin accepted as a form of payment on Amazon, claiming it to be fast, cheap, and stable.

Dogecoin the Future of Currency? Rises 120% in Seven Days

The petition was launched on by a person called Mark 11 months ago. At the time of writing, it has collected 9,192 signatures. However, it’s aiming to reach a target of 10,000.

At present, Amazon doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. In Mark’s opinion, this alienates many people, particularly those without access to a traditional finance account. He writes: being a leader in innovation should accept Dogecoin, as a form of payment.

He adds that Dogecoin is the future of currency. This is due to its “speed, low transaction fees, large supply of coins, and stable value.” Not only that, but he argues that it doesn’t have large price swings like Bitcoin or Litecoin. At the time of writing, the 21st-placed altcoin is trading at $0.005312, according to CoinMarketCap. Notably, it has seen a 120 percent price rise in seven days.

Mark goes on to state that Dogecoin is already being used by small business owners, charity organizations, and entrepreneurs. And unlike Bitcoin, people aren’t hoarding it.


What is Dogecoin?

The altcoin was created in 2013 and is an open-source, peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency. It was designed by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Additionally, it features a Shiba Inu dog as its mascot. This was popularized as an online meme and represents Dogecoin.

Interestingly, this crypto asset was introduced as a joke currency; however, it has since attracted a large following. As a result, its market cap is currently worth over $616 million. Not bad for something that was created with fun in mind.

Using for Crypto Petitions

With rising interest in cryptocurrencies, the use of has also increased. Consequently, this has seen several petitions launched on the platform in recent years.

In April, a petition was circulating with the aim of getting CoinMarketCap to represent the Bitcoin Cash supply in an accurate manner. Not only that, but back in November, the Ripple community used the platform too. Their intention was to get XRP listed on Coinbase. To date, though, the crypto exchange hasn’t added XRP. It remains to be seen whether it will.

Do you think Amazon will accept crypto payments? Will Dogecoin be the first? Let us know in the comments below.

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