Cameos on Google: How famous people get their video answers into Google search

Back in December, Google showcased a search feature that had celebrities answer questions in Google search with short and cute video answers. It launched with a limited number of famous personalities, and now Google is expanding the program to more with a new iOS app named Cameos on Google.

The app allows people who have rights to put this type of video content in search to quickly record themselves answering a number of questions. It is basically a quick way for Google to get video content answers into the search results. Here is a sample of what the mobile search result looks like for the search [can will ferrell really play the drums]:

When you click on the video at the top, it will open full screen and play the answer. You can even click to articles that support the answer from the video or scroll to see more answers from Will Ferrell.

Here is the app store description:

Cameos on Google lets you be the authority on you. Record video answers to the most asked questions on Google and then post them right to Google. Now, when people search for you, they’ll get answers directly from you.

ANSWER IN YOUR OWN STYLE: Amplify your presence on Google with videos in your own authentic voice.

AT YOUR LEISURE: See top questions the Internet wants answers to, and you choose which ones you want to answer and when. All you need is your phone.

STAY RELEVANT AND FRESH: Get new questions regularly to help your content stay recent and timely. All your answers get posted right to Google and your fans will see it when they search for you or scroll through their feed in the Google app.

Cameos on Google is currently available by application only. Interested? Download the app to request access.

How does the Cameo app work?

When you open the app, you can sign in. If you are someone who is famous enough to have access to push your own video content into Google search, you will be let in. Otherwise, it gives you a message that says you are not registered with the app, and you should try to request access. Here is the login screen with that error:

Another option is to try the demo mode, which lets you pretend you are someone privileged enough to gain access to this app. Clicking demo mode takes you to this screen asking you to pick from a category of questions you can answer:

Then you pick a question from the carousel list of questions below:

Then it will request access to your camera and microphone. When granted, you can record yourself by holding down the “hold to record” button:

After it is recorded, you can preview it and save it. Here is a video screen grab of me recording myself recording myself in the Cameo app. (There isn’t audio in the first part because the screen grab software only captures sound coming from the iPhone.)

Then when you save it, it adds it to the list of questions you answered, which you can delete or re-record the answers to later:

This is a screen capture of the interest form. Notice Google assumes that you are not filling it out on your own behalf but rather that your agent, publicist, manager or social media manager is doing it on your behalf:

Sites that appear in the organic results for celebrity-related questions will find their results pushed down the page when a celebrity has answered the question directly to Google.

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