After Adoption, TapJets To Gift $500 To Litecoin (LTC) Enthusiasts

Tapjets has indicated it successfully integrated Litecoin into its platform, making it easy for anyone who intends booking flight to do so with Litecoin (LTC).

The announcement is coming after TapJets ran a 3 day poll on which of XRP, XVG or LTC to add to its platform for payments. However, the pool favored LTC and XRP, resulting in the company’s decision to integrate the two.

After the adoption, TapJets, an online private jet charter and air carrier company publicized the decision to offer $500 Gift voucher for flight booked with LTC.

The American based company tweeted:

“Thanks to #LTC community and #PayWithLiteCoin movement and support from developers @TapJets is now accepting LiteCoin. As a token of appreciation @Tapjets is offering $500 gift voucher (CODE: LTCNOW) for each flight booked with $LTC #FLYTAPJETS

In a press statement by TapJets, it was made known that the platform already has BTC and ETH as payment options, but for expansion purpose, it becomes necessary to add other top coins.

“We are excited to add Litecoin to the Bitcoin and Ethereum payment options we already accept,” Eugene Kesselman, CEO of TapJets.

“The Litecoin community is strong, and we are happy to work with the Litecoin Foundation to welcome them to our platform. Making it easier to use cryptocurrency in more places is what separates the leaders from followers. This is precisely what the #PayWithLitecoin movement is all about.”

“It’s great to see that TapJets is now allowing their customers to pay with Litecoin,” Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, has said.

“Its speed, liquidity, and ease of integration make it the perfect cryptocurrency for payments. It’s also exciting to see how our community helped make this partnership happen.”

Litecoin has been doing awesome considering the unrelenting efforts of its founder. Adopting the cryptocurrency by an airline firm is a sign of development to the cryptocoin, and even the cryptocurrency word at large.

On Twitter, Mr Charlie who commended TapJets’ decision also maintained that Litecoin is the most appropriate for adoption bearing in mind its ease of integration.

“Took only 2 weeks from idea to go live. Kudos to @TapJets for such a fast launch! And they even do their own payment processing and hedging. The advantages that Litecoin has over other cryptos is LTC’s ease of integration technically and high exchange liquidity globally.”

The cryptocurrency world

Bitcoin has started picking up in the crypto space. There is possibility that it maintains its $7500 position today, or go beyond.

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