6 Steps to Create a Persona that Drives Your Marketing [Infographic]

Ask just about any marketer about personas, and they’ll be able to tell you what they are. The problem is that while many marketers know what a persona is, they don’t know how to create one that truly benefits your marketing.

Personas, which should be based on both qualitative and quantitative data, help to focus marketing decisions by adding a layer of real-world consideration.

Personas need to be fleshed out with demographics, job titles, and the pain points your product or service will help resolve – the more detailed your persona is, the more useful it will be. User research, data from social platforms, customer interviews, and other resources offer a trove of information to help form your personas. Then, after organizing the data, refining the descriptions, and making them realistic, they can be input into your CRM platform.

Check out the infographic below for more insights into creating, and using, personas.

6 Steps to Create a Persona that Drives Your Marketing

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